Exclusive Golf Cart Phoenix – 4 Passenger Blue Color

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Inspired by get-up-and-go lifestyles, the 4-passenger is compact, offers ample storage, and all the power you need to head out for errands, dinner, or a leisurely drive.

  • Brand New
  • Phoenix Golf car
  • All Golf carts are custom orders

The power of the golf cart redefines the national car,
The outstanding appearance and an outstanding driving and riding feeling into one.

An environmentally-friendly passenger vehicle designed and developed for golf courses.
It can also be used in resorts, villas, garden hotels, tourist attractions, etc.
From golf courses, villas, hotels, schools, and private users, there will be short trips.
Interior decoration, such as Scottish bagpipes playing the melody, melodious, wonderful, place in the car is safe and comfortable,
the heart contains in every detail. The ultimate simple style, revealing the perception of life, cut and simple.
Parameter and Configurations




114.5 (inc) 53.15 (inc) 86.62 (inc)

Passengers Capacity

4 people

Max. Speed


Max. driving slope


Turning Radius


Curb Weight

1,278.68 Pounds (lb)


AC, 48V, 4KW


Toyota/Curtis brand, 48V

Electronic control

AC controller with anti-free battery

Battery type

150AH, 8V*6pcs


intelligent  high-frequency car charger

Charging time


Steering system

Rack and pinion steering gear

Braking system

Self-adjusting, rear-wheel mechanical drum, Foot-operated parking, multi-lock

Front axle and suspension

Leaf spring plus shock absorber

Rear-axle  and suspension

Integral cross-country rear axle


22×9.50-10, with aluminum alloy rim


LCD instrument, Multifunction, showtime, speed, driving range, battery capacity, etc


Front & rear combination LED lights


Bus cold foam sponge + high resilience PU leather fabric

Body material

Steel frame + ABS engineering plastic molding material


Black; White; Gray; Blue


Rearview mirror;

Rain Cover & Sunshine Curtain;

Golf bag belt;

Seat belts;

Front bumper;

Rear Cargo box,etc.

Warranty term

Mayor components 2 years not included labor